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>> Screen sharing

Our cristall clear screen sharing function allows you to even take control of the remote application.

>> Easy Meeting

Your supereasy access to your online meeting...

...using our meeting app on your PC, iPhone, tablett or android. Going to a Meeting was never easier.


>> Invite your buddies

It have never been easier to invite your buddies. Simply send an invite per mail or use your address book.

>> Meeting Recording

Do you need to record your meeting? No problem – use our built-in recording function to simply record your session and then make it available to your audience.

>> ScreenShare with annotation

Online Collaboration...

...has never been easier. Simply show your documents in an Online Meeting and collaborate on your documents.

screenshare 02


>> HD-Quality

Forget small video windows and enjoy 720 HD Video connections.

>> Chat Function



You know Skype?

So you will love our chat function and find it even easier to use. Have a try.

Latest News

10.10.2014 Zoom enabled

Zoom H.323 Connector in Service

H.323 access: <RoomID>

ISDN gateway in service


Webseite relaunch